Das Giftraum – Skateboard Art Group Show

5th – 7th May 2017 at Bar Gallery ‘Das Gift’ in Donaustraße 119, 12043 Berlin Neukölln.

This exhibition presented a collection of artworks by international artists, designers, illustrators, comic and graffiti artists and more who have used skateboards as their inspiration and medium.

Participants: Adelina Arvat, Alejandra Vargas Díaz, Alejandro Morales, Annette Köhn, Anton Papenfuss, Falko Glöckner, Felix Aaron Hülpüsch, Graeme Shooter, Helge Vogt, Iñaki Landa, Kamil Frankowicz, Mayo Takakura, Mio Ebisu, Rebecca Conrad, Regis Lemberthe, Sarah Marschall, Silvia Guizán Sarmiento, Tom McClean

Organizer: Kamil Frankowicz and Silvia Guizán Sarmiento Silvia

Big thanks to ‘Das Gift’-host Rachel Burns from Das Gift

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Longboards Art Project – Riding the pavements

3rd October 2017 at Mixture contemporary art Gallery & projects, Jaffa-Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel

Barak Rom: “Finally it happens — the Longboard exhibition is underway !!! In the last two years, I created a project in which I collaborated with many artists. As part of the project, I built a number of different board designs that were given to the artists to give their unique interpretation and the result will be displayed in the exhibition. You are invited to the opening evening on 3.10.2017 at 19.00 at Mixture Gallery, Jaffa Port.

A little more about the project: The ‘Boards’ are a tool for radical expression by artists and designers, brazen and talented from Israel and around the world, who come from a variety of disciplines: street artists, illustration and comics, painting, photography, sculpture, jewellery and tattoos that create new connections between art and street culture.

The works were designed from cultural influences and inspirations, such as ancient cultures, combining totemistic motifs, Aztec art, geometry, SF films from the 1950s, comics, animals and more.”

Opening: Tuesday 3rd October, 19h

Curator: Eli Sahar

Designer and producer: Barak Rom

Participants: Marian Boo, Felix Hülpman, Kuki Ariel, Sarah Lee, Uri Fink, Eyal Eliezer, Roni Li Michaeli, Gal Gi, Dan Lior, Shai Ziv, Rebecca Conrad, Roy Iddan, Lior Bentov, Kamil Frankowicz, Hanna Jung, Hila Kwwaoynnanjr, Eliaz Slonim

My painted deck

Wide Reality

Group exhibition at Gallery52 in Berlin-Neukölln, 2013

9 1/2

Group exhibition in Berlin-Wedding, 2013


Group exhibition at the Japanese embassy in Berlin-Tiergarten, 2013

Continuation of Requiem

Group exhibition at SCHMUCKHAUS & if-gallery in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, 2013


Group exhibition at ‘Das Gift’ in Berlin-Neukölln, 2012