Painted objects – Skateboards

Because of a knee injury while practicing Karate in my childhood – it might happened on a tournament – I never learned skateboarding in young years. 2013 I started practicing on longboard and later in 2014 skateboarding.

Although I haven’t learned much beside how to deal with overcoming fears practicing few tricks I had still a lot of fun in my leisure time. Later I felt I need to paint my own designs and to organize an exhibition to this topic.

First experimental attempt.

Year: 2014

Silver drawing inspired by break lines from pressure on building tiles and japanese art of Kintsugi, what uses kin=gold to fix broken pottery.

Year: 2016

Painted longboard for Barak Roms exhibition 2017 in Tel Aviv.
Made at Atelier Äuglein

Year: 2016

Painted Skateboards

Unfinished second board, as I was busy with organizing an exhibition at “Das Giftraum” beside my jobs.

Year: 2017